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We Ship to more than 220 countries and terrorises worldwide, and We have got Customer Service centers around the Globe.


The cheapest way to ship your parcels worldwide is by taking advantage of our economical and reliable parcel service. We guarantee the inter-nation delivery of the parcel within 6 to 7 working days. Where applicable over 80% of the delivery orders belong to an accomplished on the mentioned working day. Certain remote international destinations may take additional time for delivery


100% Guaranteed international delivery of documents within 4 to 5 working days worldwide delivery if no flight or customer delay. This is a document – only service for the delivery of documents of up to 500 GM to 2 KG Weight.


ANX has its deliveries within 72 or 48 hours Depending on the type of service used from the time of pickup to its final destination we take the shortest distance your all customs and clearance are arranged our main goal is to achieve the Best remarks of the customer by. Providing them the most reliable service currently used in courier service industry like DHL. FED-EX & UPS


A logistics partner big enough to deliver. Freight of any kind. To any place .via air ,ocean , road or rail, but capable of giving its customers. The personal attention they need. welcome to ANX


We,ve also developed our online tool Booking and track and trace for the ultimate in speed and transparency. Information on your package status in real time and always up to date select services and track everything 24/7 in a few clicks This is the backbone of our secure Door to Door and time sensitive network covering over 200 countries.


Shared or Dedicated warehousing & Goods Distribution Dedicated and Shared operations. Ambient and temperature – controlled facilities storage, Pick, pack and dispatch. Delivery and returns management.


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About ANX

Anx Established in 2008 it has a wide range of network and main connection to companies in UK. USA .DUBAI. FAR EAST To every corner of the Word. We with our very efficient team of Operation

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